CBD: Coming to a Food Festival Near You

CBD is the latest health craze kicking up its metaphorical feet with kale, avocado, and wheatgrass to join the ranks of trendy food additives. Like it’s other-green counterparts, CBD also has actual proven health benefits, especially in the realm of pain, stress, and inflammation reduction.

It’s the effectiveness of CBD that has super-charged its popularity, and to add to the fire, recent changes in regulation have left hemp-derived CBD legalized on a federal level. Between its popularity and newfound legal acceptance, you’re bound to see CBD at a food festival near you soon.

How CBD is being added to foods

The most commonly seen forms of CBD in food are oils, butter, and powder isolates. These can be easily added to all manner of foods, though options, where the often-described grass-like flavor is well hidden, are most popular, including gummies, suckers, baked goods, and smoothies. iSum editor James Reed says that with the rise of CBD in everything, it’s important to know where your CBD is coming from, and only buy the highest-quality CBD oil and gummies available. This is made easy with sites like his that put CBD products, including gummies, oils, and other CBD-infused products to the test to see if they really live up to their claims, or just are trying to capitalize on the craze.

Less commonly CBD is seen in savory dishes because cooking with CBD with direct high heat can be challenging, and if done incorrectly, can hinder its effectiveness as a treatment. It can be done though. The most crucial factor for cooking with CBD, assuming it’s not merely mixed in after preparation, sprinkled, or drizzled on top, is that the recipe has a high-fat content because CBD is lipid-soluble.

How we’re likely to start seeing CBD-infused foods at food festivals

The sky’s the limit as far as preparations you may see at a festival. The thing about food festivals is that they are designed to offer variety. You have all the best eateries in the area popping up tents, carts, trucks—or whatever—to showcase to the local populace—their potential customer pool—just what deliciousness they can create.

Food festivals are like an unspoken local competition for your future business, and you can bet with a hyper-trend like CBD, there will be plenty of innovative recipes to sample soon. Again, though, being CBD foods, in general, tend to run sweet, our bet would be on single-serving, finger-friendly desserts.

Is CBD Festival Food Safe?

CBD is designated by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a safe component to be used for health benefits. However, there have been previous concerns from the FDA concerning the inconsistent CBD content in many marketed edibles as well as the potential for contamination. These same concerns would extend to festival food.

This point makes it especially important to chat with the vendor you’re opting for CBD festival food from. Ask where they got the CBD, how it was added, and so on. If they can’t answer you, move on. Even if the food is safe, it also may not be worth the price they’ll charge you for it.

As a side note here, more on legality than safety, while hemp-derived CBD has been legalized on a federal level, marijuana-derived CBD is not federally legal, and CBD or CBD foods will not get you “high.” The likelihood of seeing CBD at a festival near you, obviously then, also depends on whether it’s completely legal in your state.

In general, states that take a harder stance on cannabis-derived products include Alabama, Arizona, California, Connecticut, Michigan, Nebraska, Nevada, Ohio, South Dakota, West Virginia, and Wyoming. While CBD at a festival in these states wouldn’t be impossible, it would be harder to achieve.

In Summary

CBD has definitely found itself in the health-spotlight as of late, and due to the ease at which it can be added to a wide variety of dishes, it’s almost sure to start popping up at food festivals soon. The only real question is: which dish you’ll try first?

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