And you thought it was just October 24th!

It turns out the October 24th is National Food Day. Who knew? And for all it seems to be something manufactured like National Watermelon Day or National Peach Cobbler Day, there’s a kernel of sense to National Food Day.

(Peach Cobbler Day is in April, it’s the day after Grilled Cheese Day, obviously. But why would you put Peach Cobbler Day before peaches come into season?)

National Food Day

I first came across National Food Day when I was on a kick to eat healthier food. I wasn’t trying to lose weight, I just felt there was too much sugar in my diet and decided to cut it out. Doing some research I stumbled upon National Food Day and stopped to look for a moment.

The idea is to eat better – how bad can that be?

Who started it?

The whole idea was kicked off by The Center for Science in the Public Interest. This was another ‘who knew?’ moment for me. We have a CSPI! This group is a food watchdog and their goal has been to promote advice and advocacy toward a healthier food and they have been doing it since 1971.

National Food Day is supposed to be a day where we eat vegetables, fruits, whole grains and sustainably raised protein instead or pre-packaged food, sodas and factory farmed meats. There’s an idea we can all get behind. I

Who celebrates National Food Day?

It turns out celebrants are harder to find. In 2012 there were over three thousand events associated with National Food Day but since then it hasn’t made a huge impact. The problem seems to be more one of a marketing thing than anything else.

Eating healthier is a laudable goal

It is easy to make a few changes to a diet and make it 10 times healthier. For example, if you decided to eat food you could grow or make yourself. You’d include carrots, you might even make a cake but you wouldn’t have a pop tart and you wouldn’t eat cheese that comes hermetically sealed without a sell-by date.

You don’t have to turn into some sort of Susiehomemaker, you just have to make slightly different choices.


Other days seem to be a joke day

For me, the sad thing about National Food Day is it is vying for attention against days which are patently ridiculous. We have absolutely no need for a National Ranch Dressing Day. It does very well all by itself without needing a day dedicated to it.

National Food Day has to differentiate itself from these joke days because it’s not just fun. The message it is trying to get across is a good message and its educational value is valid beyond a single day.

Here’s to National Food Day

Hopefully, the CPSI will add a little more marketing muscle. This is a day we could use.

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