About Us

Whilst most of us don’t need a specific, special day to eat a doughnut or order in some fast food, these days do exist. National food days dedicate each day to a certain food item. For example, Indian Cuisine on a specific day and then Chinese the next. The peculiar thing is these “holidays” continue to get bigger and more popular by the year.

Many bloggers and companies have created their own “official dates” for National food days. This holiday is celebrated around the world, so it’s always interesting to see how each country celebrates. We try to cover them all here on our website.

Our website is currently run and managed by CHU Bordeaux in France. After running successful National food days in our hospitals to our patients, we decided to set up a blog and share what people get up to on this holiday around the world. This website is non-profit so there are no ads, sponsorships or annoying pop-ups. Enjoy!